October 30, 2006

Compassion, Forgiveness, and Giving

Compassion, forgiveness, and giving, without looking for anything in return. . . this is the way of the Wise, this is the sign of an evolved soul.

There is no better place to practice egolessness than at home. This is why the Creator gave us families, so that we could practice compassion, forgiveness and giving, without looking for anything in return. When we do this, we are doing solid spiritual work; we are discovering what we are really made of. And what is that? That is Divine Love.

Compassion, forgiveness, and giving do NOT come from the mind or ego. These divine qualities are manifested only when we go beyond ourselves. So long as we are wanting something for ‘little me’, that long we remain unhappy, frustrated, aggravated and annoyed.

The most important work that we do is NOT our professional work, it is NOT our ‘body’ work (such as going to the gym), it is NOT our housework (or home improvement), it is our SOUL WORK (Homework): it is the work we do on our inner self which will take us to our Eternity. We need to improve our interactions with our family members, and we do this by practicing self-control. Each of us must control our own mind and ego: no one can do this work for us.

“Good work is its own reward.”

Dr. T. R. Khanna

There is nothing more rewarding than being in the state of egolessness. When there is no thought of small self, I, the mind is at peace. When we stop holding on to our small self, our mind becomes as big as the universe. But when we are small hearted, we feel the limitations of our little mind. Heart is the mind. One who is vast hearted is one whose mind is free of the obstructions of ego and images. To become vast hearted we have to become Wise.

Always, without fail, the one who is truly Wise will be compassionate, forgiving, and giving, without looking for anything in return. Let us make this our mantra for the day:

“Compassion, forgiveness, and giving, without looking for anything in return. . . . .

Compassion, forgiveness, and giving, without looking for anything in return. . . . .

Compassion, forgiveness, and giving, without looking for anything in return. . . “


October 29, 2006

Why Don’t We Get It?

Why don’t we understand? Why don’t we have that experience of our Essence? Why don’t we get it?

We don’t get it because we don’t go for it. Instead, we go for the things of the mind. Instead, we go for shopping. Instead, we go to the refrigerator for something to eat, even though we are not really hungry. Instead, we go for our favorite TV program, or maybe we go on-line to chat or surf, or maybe just sit and sulk and wonder what it is all about.

Mindless wandering and mindless wondering will lead us nowhere. We will stay stuck where we are until we get up from where we are (in our images) and move our mind to the Wisdom of Consciousness.

The ‘Wisdom of Consciousness’ is not a buzzword or a piece of empty rhetoric. The Wisdom of Consciousness is our connection to our original State of Being. Originally, we were happy and pure and free from malice and ignorance. Originally, our self-identity was not a malignant tumor growing in our mind. Our ego was not a monster, it was just a tiny point of awareness. Originally, our intellect was not distorted or misused to justify anything; it was simply a tool of awareness that we used to express our power of discernment. Originally, the mind was clear and uncluttered, and our senses where sharp and penetrating. Originally, we were established in total well-being, so where and how did we go wrong?

This is the Drama of Life, and we are the author of this drama, we are the maker of our Fate, the shaper of our Destiny. Does this mean we chose to make mistakes, that we chose to go wrong? No, it only means that we haven’t put out enough energy to do it right the first time. We keep getting a new chance, but if we keep taking our chances and pushing our luck we will never get unstuck; we will stay where we are, far, far, away from reaching our Highest Potential.

We have to understand the nature of this Life and admit our own ignorance but never accept it. In other words, just as we have to recognize our own ego but not give it any recognition, in the same way we have to admit our own ignorance but NOT ignore it. We have to remove our ignorance by learning the Wisdom of Consciousness. With the Wisdom of Consciousness we unlearn those habits, tendencies, and attitudes that pull us down and break us apart.

We are broken to pieces unless we learn to get our act together.

“Our good attitude will make us. Our bad attitude will break us.”

Dr. T. R. Khanna

Our life is all about action; it is not all about thinking. We can have good intentions and dream about our potential, but it is only by putting our know-how into practice that we realize our full potential and make things happen.

We are the creator of actions. This Life is a Sport and we have to play with great skill and determination in order to win the Game. We have to overcome our own ignorance. We are opposed only by our own ego and self-will. With the Wisdom of Consciousness we can overcome our opponents and become victorious.