What is Missing?

We are missing the Supreme Self. We are missing our True Lover and Beloved. We are missing our Supreme Mother and Father. We are missing our Eternal Friend. We are missing the experience of Supreme Bliss; we are missing our connection to the Absolute.

Will one who is filled with a sumptuous meal of healthy, fresh-cooked vegetables, lentils, and warm whole wheat bread, go in search of dirty left-overs in a back alley dumpster?

Will one who is graced with the live performance of one’s favorite singer or musician, in one’s very own home, go out to a crowded concert hall to listen to an amateur heavy metal band make deafening noise?

Will one who has just received word of the whereabouts of one’s long lost child, brother, or friend, ignore the good news and make arrangements to take a personal vacation to Los Vegas, Reno Nevada, or Disney World?

Will one who is immersed in deep Samadhi (absorption of the mind in deep meditation), leave his meditation to watch the TV or read a novel?

Will one who is intoxicated with Divine Bliss have any desire or inclination to drink, smoke, or take drugs?

Will one who is blessed to sit at the feet of the Wise, leave the company of the Wise for the company of the selfish, foolish, and shallow?

Will one who is established in the Light of Truth, break his principles and hide like a coward in the shadow of ego?

Will one who has tasted the Nectar of Immortality, thirst for any immoral and dirty thing of this world?

No! A thousand times no! A million times no!

There is no real pleasure in the things of mind and ego. There is no peace in the appeasement of the small self (ego). There is no wisdom in the knowledge of nonsense, and no truth in the half-truth. There is no love in lust, and no trust in lies.

What is missing from our life is the experience of our Essence; what is missing is the solid connection to the solid Truth, to the unmistakable Absolute Ultimate Reality.

If we want to be really happy we have to leave our ego, our small self. We have to embrace the Universal Truth and then we will experience our Universal Self. When the mind is purged of all its images of religion, love, and life, only then can we rise above all the worldly strife and experience the Light of Truth that shines forth from the Universal Self and illumines the whole universe.

When we are established in the Wisdom of Consciousness, we behold that Light spread out in all directions and see the Supreme Self shining in every heart (soul). There is no hate. There is no sorrow. There is no self-delusion for the one whose mind is fused with the Divine.

The Divine is beyond the mind. When the mind reaches for the Divine, the mind expands into Eternity and disappears. All pain, remorse, worry, fear and doubt are gone forever. OM

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