Back to the Basics

“Too much thinking is stinking.” We really need to stick to the basics. The basics are this:

  • Eat healthy foods in moderation
  • Exercise regularly
  • Don’t waste time in useless phone calls, useless surfing on the internet, useless watching of television, useless reading of newspapers, magazines and novels
  • Don’t shop for what you cannot afford, do not need, and have no time to maintain
  • Study the Divine Wisdom daily and study yourself every moment
  • Go to bed in time to get up early in the morning for meditation, prayer, silence and deep reflection
  • Don’t avoid challenges and don’t look for trouble
  • Practice dispassion throughout the day: Compassion without Attachment
  • Be simultaneously relaxed inside and energized by staying out of self-involvement
  • Be what you really ARE, the Light of the Soul and KEEP SHINING!
    So be it.

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