Just Be Happy

Sooner or later we have to just be happy, and stop looking for happiness in the things of this world. The things of this world are short-lived, and so is the happiness associated with them.

Just be happy. That’s all. Be content. Be peaceful. It doesn’t cost you anything. You don’t have to go somewhere, or eat something, or see something, or meet somebody. All you need to do is be your Self.

Just be. That’s all we need to do. Everything else will flow naturally from that state of being.

We are unjust to ourselves when we rob ourselves of our peace of mind by chasing after the things of this world. We are always on the run, and that’s why we are run down and run over. We need to slow down the mind, EJECT our ego, and steer our life in the right direction.

The only right direction, the only way to go, is UP. If we are upward bound, and NOT outward bound, we will discover our own inner freedom.

We CANNOT free our self from our mind by following it. Instead, we we have to follow the Wisdom of Consciousness. This wisdom tells us to restrain the mind and senses from distractions. So long as the mind is attracted to the things of this world, that long it remains outward bound.

We are attracted to the shallow things of this world due to force of habit. In other words, we have formed the habit of seeking pleasure in mundane things. We have formed the habit of using the things of this world (people, places, and things) to relieve our boredom and pain. Thus, we are caught up in an endless cycle of pleasure and pain.

We did NOT come into this world to pamper ourselves for 50, 60, or 70 years, and then end up all alone, bed-ridden in a diaper. We came into this world to sing the glory of the Divine, to vibrate the Wisdom of Consciousness, and come face-to-face with our Eternal Friend, the God Lord of the Universe.

We have to face the Truth, because the face of Truth is everywhere (Viswatomukha). We have to live in harmony with our Real Nature and experience our Eternity. We have to STOP glorifying our small self (ego) and take control of our mind and make it our friend. Our mind becomes our friend when we make it a sage, and when we make it a sage, that mind will reveal the secrets of the Universe.

The Truth is hidden from us because we are hiding behind our ego and images. If we break our images, our ego will begin to fade away. When our ego is gone, we are happy.

“Either we can be happy, or we can be in our ego.”

Dr. T.R. Khanna

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