Violence is vile and vileness is violent. We are extremely mean to our soul when we live in self-denial and continue to ignore our Real Nature.

We are duty bound to attain our highest potential. ‘Duty bound’ means we are compelled by our higher nature to go beyond our small self, to rise above our false feelings of inadequacy and superiority, and to experience our Essence.

Non-violence is the Law of our Being. When we break that law we punish ourselves with negative feelings, heightened ignorance, and lowered self-esteem.

It is violent to destroy our body with bad habits. It is violent to destroy our mind with bad thoughts. It is violent to waste our energy in our mind games, when we could use that energy to raise our consciousness and spread healing vibrations.

When we resist our selfish tendencies, we create good vibrations that automatically help others overcome their own weaknesses. When we give into our own weaknesses, we also enable others, directly or indirectly. This is too is violence.

Whatever we do, or think, in violation of our Real Nature, is called violence, and that violence invariably causes suffering.

It is not enough to know the difference between right and wrong; we have to do and think what is right. A fool will say there is no difference between right and wrong; or they will say it is just an arbitrary classification made by the mind. This kind of thinking originates out of ego.

When we justify our thoughts and actions to support our pleasure seeking habits, we are in dense ego. We are denying our higher nature (which is to be unselfish, and free of false ego), and in so doing we become extremely ignorant. In other words, we become extremely ignorant by ignoring the inner voice of pure reason and pure truth.

If our reasoning is an extension of our ego, we will never discover the Truth; instead, we will make up our own truth — we will form an image of ourselves in our mind and call that image real. When we cover our mind with half-truth, we are living a lie. Our life is a lie when we deny our Real Nature.

Our real nature (higher nature) is to be compassionate, peaceful, and deep. But when we are attached to our ego and personality, our nature becomes mean, angry, and shallow.

We know what is going on in our own mind. We take our mind with us wherever we go, whether to the pub house or God’s house. One may be living in a temple, or one may climb to the mountain top, but if one lives without wisdom, one’s mind is a ‘combat zone’ of conflict and confusion.

We become confused when we deny ourselves the companionship of the Wise and run after the shallow pleasures and excitements of the mind. Our best friend is the Wisdom of the Wise, because that wisdom leads us to discover our own True Self.

We can hear good advice a hundred times, but if we don’t act upon it, no good will come of it. Goodness follows good action, and good action follows good thought, which leads to more good action and more goodness. When we ignore good thoughts and actions, only violence can follow.

Let us end the violence NOW by putting good thoughts into action. OM

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