We Need to Keep Refining Our Nature

Life is simple. We complicate it with our complicated thinking. Sure, there are problems and challenges in life, but our life becomes problmatic only when we see things from the point of view of ego. Instead, we need to see everything from the point of view of Eternity.

What does this mean? It means we need to realize that our real self is immortal; that we are beginningless, endless conscious beings. The energy that emanates from this consciousness (our consciousness) is also eternal, indestructable. It is the energy of consciousness (in the form of PRANA, Life Force, Chi, Spirit) that has created the universe and everything in it, including us (embodied beings).

When we think from this level of consciousness, our thinking will not disturb us, because our thoughts will express our eternal nature, and not just our gross, material, mental, intellectual nature.

You see, we have a higher nature and a lower nature. Our Higher Nature is that we are Eternal, unchangeable, ever-new (ever fresh, imageless) consciousness. Our lower nature is that we have an ever changing physical body, mind, and personality (ego). Our lower nature is comprised of natural elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space, as well as the elementary particles from which these 5 general classes of elements are formed. Scientists are now discovering subtler and subtler subatomic particles and are now advancing the String Theroy, which postulates the existence of other dimensions and other universes. Ultimately scientists will come to the realization that beyond all of this is the Pure Consciousness, from which all of this originated, and into which all of this will ultimately be dissolved. This Pure Consciousness is our Higher Nature, our Supreme Nature.

So, who or what is this being, this living entity, which has both a higher and lower nature? This is you, and I, and everyone. Each of us is the embodiment of PURUSH and PRAKRITI, of Spirit and Matter, of Consciousness and Nature. Just as a child will have the characteristics of both its parents, similarly each of us has the qualities of both Spirit and Matter.

The Spirit-Self is the consciousness embodied in Prana, Life Force. More correctly, it is consciousness manifested as Energy. When this conscious energy is joined with Matter, the Matter becomes infused with this Energy and thus begins the cycle of Creation, that is, the orderly manifestation of the Multiverse (universes after universes after universes). Included in this infinitely varied Multiverse is the manifestation of human life. As human beings, we perceive through the agency of the mind (including, memory, intellect, and ego — this is known as the inner organ, or Antahkarana). Our mind, being a part and parcel of Nature (Prakriti) is influenced by the qualities of Nature, or GUNAS (Sataguna, Rajaguna, and Tamoguna — Protonic, Electronic, and Neutronic forces). These qualities of Nature, or Cosmic Forces, influence the way we think and feel. But the mind is also influenced by the ever-abiding presence of Supreme Consciousness. All conscious beings (embodied Spirit selves) are constantly living in a state of decision making. We are constantly making choices and our decisions are influenced by many different factors. Ultimately, after many, many years and lifetimes of experience, we come to the firm conclusion that we are totally responsible for our state of mind, because we realize that we are totally distinct from the mind–we realize that we are the Spirit Self. This realization draws us deeper and deeper into the unfathomable Ocean of Consciousness until we ultimately come face to face (so to speak) with the Supreme Self (or you may call it God, or Allah, or whatever).

It is all a matter of refining our nature to the finest point, until the mind becomes atomic (absolutely one-pointed), at which point the mind disappears and all that is left is Pure Consciousness.


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