The Most Important Work


With this greeting I am acknowledging your Divine Presence. With this greeting I am saluting the Real Self which is YOU. That same Real Self am I. That same Real Self is the self of All.

There is something within you, within me, within everyone, that is the same. That something is the pure consciousness devoid of all mental superimpositions. We call that Pure Consciousness MAHA CHETENA, which means the Supreme Consciousness. Some people call this Supreme Consciousness the Supreme Being, or GOD, or Allah, or many other names. The names are different, but the Essence is the same. The names may change, but the Essence remains immutable (unchangeable).

Supreme Consciousness is all-pervading. Supreme Consciousness is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent reality. When the mind is connected to that Consciousness we feel Real. All insecurity, uncertainty, doubt, bias, bigotry, arrogance, and violence are the result of being disconnected from the Truth, from the Real.

When a human being is caught up in unreality they are bound to hurt inside and will contribute to the pain and suffering of this world. A human being who superimposes his or her ego upon their own self, will also try to impose their little ego-will on others too. Human beings who share a similar or kindred false identity (ego) under the banner of a particular nationality, culture, or religion, etc., will sometimes attempt to force their self-will (ego power) on others through war, propaganda, and forced or deceitful conversion. All of this is born out of Ignorance — ignorance of our Real Nature, our True Self.

Throughout the history of this planet Earth, there have been many nations, cultures, and religions. People have expressed themselves through countless pages of literature, works of art, science, and industry. During all these many periods of history, both recorded and unrecorded, there has always remained, and continues to remain, one paramount goal to accomplish, one important work that must be done—and this is the work of becoming completely FREE — free from our small self, our ego, our pettiness, our arrogance and false pride — in short, it means being Real and breaking asunder the bonds of Ignorance.

This is the most important work which must be accomplished in this incarnation.

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