November 14, 2006

Create Goodness in the Mind

Create goodness in the mind. Create beautiful vibrations by putting the Wisdom of Consciousness into the motion of energy. Manifest your Real Nature and let the world see who you REALLY are!

Oh Shining Gem of Love, oh pure being, oh immortal soul,
you are here in this human form to manifest the glory of the Supreme Self. So raise your consciousness. Expand your awareness. Look beyond your self and keep going higher and higher.

Don’t get stuck in your images; don’t get bogged down by your mental bias. Don’t lower your standards to please your ego. Leave your small self and open your heart to the Supreme Being.

You are NOT an ordinary being. You are a human being, so humble your ego and purify your mind, and you will realize the Light of Truth.

Now is the time. This time is yours, so don’t waste it in the shallowness of ‘little me.’ Swim in the Ocean of Consciousness and realize your own Eternity. You are the Eternal Self, Indivisible, Indestructible, Immaculate and Invincible.

Do NOT put yourself into a negative frame of mind. Do NOT divide your loyalty between the Real and the unreal. Do NOT destroy your peace of mind by listening to your ego. Do NOT become enslaved and manipulated by your small self.

This is a Drama and you are the producer and director. Choose to be the hero and not the villain. Choose to be happy; don’t choose to be in your ego. Choose to go against the current of your tendencies and set your sails to reach the shores of Eternity.

This life, YOUR life, is as good as you are inside, and as bad as you want to make it. YOU are the maker of your life, the molder of your destiny, the author of your Fate. You have everything it takes to be totally FREE. Take control of your mind and create goodness by vibrating the Wisdom of Consciousness.


November 8, 2006

True Love

“True love is to be free from the infection of small self ego.”

Dr. T. R. Khanna

Love is not a feeling of the mind. It is not a mental or physical sensation. Neither is it an intellectual or philosophical construction. True love is the destruction of ego. When our ego is completely annihilated, we are established in True Love, and that Love is Truth.

The only thing standing between us and the Truth is our own ego. Our problem has absolutely nothing to do with the ego of the other. “We are the problem, we are the solution.” If we are affected by the ego of the other, it is only because of our own ego infection.

To remove the infection of ego from our mind we need to take the prescription of wisdom daily. It is not a matter of memorizing prayers and doing rituals; it is a matter of daily practice of self-study, keen observation, deep meditative reflection, and mental balance. Along with these mental practices, we must keep our health and fulfill our worldly obligations.

Ego is removed by doing actions without any thought of reward. Whenever we claim credit, or look for credit, for what we have done or for what we are doing, we are feeding our ego. Our ego will live only so long as we keep feeding it.

The whole purpose of studying scriptures and inspirational materials is to remove our ego infection. When our ego infection is removed, we become whole. People who study the scriptures to be become ‘holy’ never become whole. Their dream of Enlightenment never materializes, because they remain stuck in their images and ego. The real meaning of ‘holy’ is pure, absolutely pure. No one is pure so long as they are stuck in their images and ego.

True love is absolutely devoid of all images and ego. True love is absolutely wholesome, because it is absolutely pure. Everyone longs for that True Love, because True Love is our Essence. We will never find true peace until we know our Essence.

No one can live with half a heart; no one can be satisfied with half-Truth; no one can be really happy until they have found their True Love, and that True Love is our own Essence. Peace of mind comes to us automatically when we remove our ego, because when ego is gone True Love is manifested.

When we are established in our Essence, we have discovered True Love. But if we are stuck in our ego and images, we are ignorant of our Real Nature–we do not know True Love.

True Love is timeless. True Love has neither beginning nor end. When the covering of ego is removed from the mind, we awaken to that True Love and realize we have always been in Love; it was only the mind that was confused (by the presence of ego and ignorance). Once the cloud of ignorance is removed, we realize that the Light has always been shining.

Ignorance can only be removed with the Light of Wisdom, with the Light of Truth, with an act of Love. The Light is the manifestation, and that manifestation is in our actions. In truth, ignorance is only removed by an act of Love, which means giving up our ego.

Rising above our ego is NOT something we do just once; giving up our ego is something we have to do everyday. The place to begin is where we are. The time to begin is now. OM