The Self

The Self is not melancholy. The Self is not depressed. The Self is not excited or bored, frustrated or annoyed. The Self is not impatient or restless, impulsive, arrogant, pretentious, proud or vain.

The Self sees but does not superimpose. The Self is beyond thought but is not thoughtless. The Self is the same in everyone, but everyone is not the same Self. Every Self is unique, but the Self is not an “individual.” Individuality is born out of ego, whereas the Self is unborn, ever-changeless yet ever-new (dynamic).

You, I, and everyone is the Self, but the Self is not what we think the Self to be. The Self cannot be thought in the mind. When the mind is absolutely clear, the Self is clearly reflected there, and this reflection is the experience of absolute Freedom (Moksha).

Beyond the experience of the Self as reflected in the purified mind, is the Supreme Self. The Self knows the Self (Supreme Self) by the Self alone (without the medium of the mind). This is THAT which is beyond this and that. This is SATCHITANDAND: indivisible Existence (Being), Consciousness (Awareness), Bliss (Supreme Ecstasy).

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