Live Life to the Fullest

There is so much beauty in this life, but if the mind is confused we won’t experience it. They say, “We should slow down and experience the flowers.” We should slow down the racing mind and experience the inner beauty of this life.

When the mind is brought under our control we are no longer controlled by things happening outside of us. We are completely responsible for our mental state. We can make the mind a palace of good thoughts and inspiration, or we can make it a dungeon of despair. It is all our own doing.

It is not possible to do the wrong actions and be positive at the same time. A wrong action is one which negates our real nature. Actions which are contrary to our real nature will always cause confusion in our mind. If the mind is confused we will not experience the beauty of our life.

Our ego is a beast that does not let us be our best. When our mind is ruled by our ego our potential to experience our own inner beauty is severely limited. Unless we sever our ego from the mind we will never have a really good time. A good time is a good life; it is NOT a fleeting moment of cheap pleasure. The cheap pleasures of the mind can be very costly in the long run. Even in the near term, they can cut our life short. Before that happens, we should cut ego out of our life. We need to lance the tumor of ego with the sharp scalpel of wisdom.

We think it is painful to remove our ego, but actually it is much, much more painful to let it grow inside of us. When we let ego grow in our mind it completely clouds our vision and doesn’t let us experience the beauty of life. Hence, we spend our entire life looking outside of ourselves for happiness and never find it.

This life is only a single moment in our eternal journey of Liberation (Absolute Freedom). This life is a golden opportunity. We should seize the moment and live it to the fullest. OM

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