We Have to Live in Freshness

The only way to be stable and happy is to live in the freshness of Consciousness. We can’t hold on to old habits and negative memories and still expect to be secure and happy. We are free souls, we are not lumps of flesh, fat, bones, and grey matter. Then why do we spend so much time thinking about our non-self? Thinking about the non-self is nothing but nonsense. It doesn’t make any sense at all to burn our blood in anger, frustration, envy, and hatred.

The moment we start thinking about our self (non-self, ego) we put ourselves in jeopardy—we risk losing the opportunity to experience our Essence, our eternity.

This life is all about Liberation (Moksha)—we are here to become completely free, to become absolutely happy. Nobody can be happy being a slave of their mind, body, and ego. If we are enslaved by poor physical habits, unhealthy thought patterns, and egotistic expressions, then we need to get our act together.

In this life, our time is limited. If we wile away our time in mental brooding and senseless activities (gossiping, thrill-seeking, and the accumulation of useless mental and material junk) we are bound to be unhappy, dissatisfied, and discontent.

Malpractice (wrong practices) leads to malcontentment. We malign our mind when we escape into excuse making. We need to realign our thinking with our real self — the pure state of consciousness. Every day is a new day, every hour is a new hour, and every minute is a new minute. We have to be adjustable without losing principles. If we live in the freshness of Consciousness we can make adjustments in our thinking every second. In fact, when we live in Consciousness, we are in control of our thoughts and actions and do not succumb to negativity, boredom, or excitement. We remain stable and self-contained and open to growing and learning. This is the way of the wise. OM

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