The Life of Love

Ahaaaa . . . the life of Love. It is not what you think it is. It is what it is. What it is is undefiled by the mind and undisturbed by the ego. There is absolutely no element of pain or suffering in True Love.

True Love cannot be understood by the mind and is not known to the one who is caught up in the quagmire of self love: ego longing, ego desperation, ego demanding, ego expecting, and ego image-making.

People think they make love, or fall in love and then make love. But the truth is Love is beginningless and endless, and only those who rise in Love can realize it.

You cannot know true love by looking for it outside your self. You cannot make peace with others if you have not made peace with yourself. You cannot discover the ever-shining Truth all around you if you don’t uncover the Truth within you.

The truth is covered by ego and ego is born of Ignorance. When we become enlightened, we see the Light of Truth everywhere, because we see the light inside ourselves. We see the light when we stop blocking it with our ego. Our ego is dissolved with the wisdom of Consciousness.

Unless one is established in Consciousness, it is not possible to experience True Love.

Love is not a commodity that is traded in the marketplace of the world. True love is not bought with name and fame. Personal recognition and appreciation have nothing whatsoever to do with True Love. True Love is self-contained — there is no self-contamination in True Love. True Love cannot hurt or be hurtful. To know True Love we have to give up our small self.

Our Real Self is as vast as the Universe. The love that emanates from the True Self is all-inclusive and impartial. The nature of True Love cannot be figured out by the mind and ego. True love cannot be deciphered, interpreted, or detected by the limited instruments of mind, intellect, and ego. We can know true love only when we are established in the Spirit Self.

The Spirit Self is not a ghost or apparition. The Spirit Self is our own energetic Self. When we put out good energy without any thought of reward or recognition, we are expressing our real self, our Spirit Self. This is called Karma Yoga, and leads directly to Liberation (freedom from ego).

True Love is the state of egolessness. Anything less than that is imperfect and unstable. This doesn’t mean one should stop loving just because one is imperfect. But it does mean that we must go on perfecting our nature until our very last breath in this body. We should never become complacent or imagine that we are perfect. We are human beings in search of the Ultimate Truth, the Highest Love, the Supreme Consciousness. This journey of life is only one leg of our journey. We should not cripple ourselves by cutting our life short with reckless living, thrill-seeking, and self-centered goals.

We have one goal: to become completely egoless and experience the eternal state of Absolute Love, Absolute Freedom, and Absolute Peace. This is the state of Total Well-Being. Established in the state of total well-being we will experience the Life of Love. OM

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