February 20, 2010

Imagination and Enlightenment

“The range of human experience is limited only by one’s imagination.”

This statement is true—but not in the way it is generally understood. So, I will reword it here: ‘Your ability to experience your Essence is limited by your images.’ If you spend your time living in your imagination, you are not experiencing reality. The reality I am referring to is the Ultimate Reality—your Essence.

People who are busy imagining things never experience what this life is really all about. Instead, they wile away their time in their images of unreality—in fact, many people live in virtual unreality (oftentimes mistakenly referred to as ‘virtual reality’).

If you think perception is reality, you are mistaken; you are living in misperception. Reality is perceived through the mechanism of the clarified mind, and the mind can only be clarified (purified) with the Wisdom of Consciousness.

Reality always remains reality irrespective of its perception by (through) the mind. The perception of Ultimate Reality is the ultimate aim of life. The perception of reality is a mental phenomenon manifested as a result of the refinement of the mind. The mind becomes more and more fine as ego is removed from it. Since ego is an element of Ignorance, it follows that ego can only be eliminated by way of the removal of Ignorance.

The elimination of ego simply means its removal from the mind. When this happens, the Universal Self is manifested in one’s life, and this manifestation is called Enlightenment. Enlightenment is the process of the removal of ego and ignorance.

February 9, 2010

Raising Consciousness

The lying ego is the only thing that dies when the Self is realized. The Self is realized when the mind is actually purified. The mind can only be purified through action, and not through imagination. When the mind is utilized to project the qualities of the Self through the process of living (acting), only then is ego eradicated from the mind.

As long as we are in our ego, we are lying to our Self. When ego is dropped, the mind is elevated, and this is called ‘raising consciousness.’