May 14, 2013

Continue to move forward. . . you are a beautiful soul!

Eventually one realizes life is an inner journey. Consciousness itself is the final frontier and there is no limit to it. The mind and body are instruments of consciousness (Atman, soul). Their purpose is for exploration, Self-discovery, and self-evolvement. The final refinement of the mind culminates in complete selflessness. Your Real Self is egoless, all-knowing, all-loving, and ever-full (complete). You are self-contained and immortal. Nothing can make you any more or less than that.

It is the mind that wonders, wavers, wishes, waxes and wanes. When the mind is conquered, you have conquered the whole universe: when we overcome our small self we realize the Self. It is a process. You are in the process; I am in the process. Our lives are ‘work in progress.’

Our duty is to continue to make progress in the ‘right direction.’ The right direction is the inner path, because that path is lit with insights which guide us to Self-realization.

The one who is outward bound is ‘lost and never found.’ Many people have traveled the journey of life but never reached their destination because their lives were spent in the pursuit of personality-glorification and ego-gratification. They passed away without ever connecting to the Real, hence, they forget and are forgotten.

Few people have the guts (and heart) to go beyond their own small self and completely shed the fascade of ego-mentality. When they do, they get a glimpse of Ultimate Reality and never forget it (because it’s not something they remember: forgetting and remembering are states of mind, but the state of Being is beyond the mind).

Remember: the mind and body are your tools; use them wisely, carefully, efficiently, and creatively. The Wise do not unnecessarily but their life in jeopardy, even as a musician is not careless or reckless with his instrument. Create beauty in your life. You are a beautiful soul. OM

December 1, 2012

Self-disgust versus Self-dignity

Self disgust is the byproduct of bad action. A bad action is an action that is not in conformity with our real nature. Some people will argue that our real nature is of the nature of duality, and that as human beings we are both inherently selfish and unselfish. However, this dual nature is actually our lower nature. This temporary lower nature of duality disappears when our eternal higher nature is manifested. Our real nature is eternal, whereas our mortal, temporary nature is simply the backdrop for the expression of our real nature (real self, Atman, soul).

To express our real nature, it is necessary to revolt against our own ego and selfish mentality. A selfish mentality is the result of an ego infection; that is, it is the result of an ego infected mind. To stop the infection, the ego must be removed. To remove the ego, one must work without the thought of reward or recognition. Seeking appreciation is actually a self-deprecating act; it causes one to lose one’s Self-dignity. True Self-dignity means to recognize oneself as the Self. One fails to recognize oneself as the Self when one seeks self-recognition and appreciation.